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Starring: Nikki Delano, Flash Brown

Tags:  Cuckold, 1 on 1, Big Tits, Blonde, Cougars, Latinas, Petite, MILF, No Tattoos, Shaved, Big Booty 

Movie description:

This week's Cuckold Session involves petite babe Nikki Delano with one of the biggest cuckolds we know -- you. That's right. Nikki Delano is going to be your cuckoldress!! Why not? I mean...look at you. Sitting there in your basement (or "man cave" or office), your pants around your ankles, with your little, pink pecker in your hand. Four rock hard inches. Not a dick, or a cock...but a pee-pee. Nikki's about to look you straight in the eyes and let you know exactly what kind of "man" you are: sure, you're an earner, which is good for Nikki. Let's face it, the only reason she's around is to spend your cash. Or humiliate you. Or allow you to watch her pussy get blown out by one of her hung, black Bulls. Today it's Flash Brown -- all 6 foot 6 inches of well as his thick, cut 10-inch cock. It's so girthy it makes Nikki squeal -- first in pain, then delight. A squeal you never hear unless she's with a Bull. Nikki's allowed a cage-free session, which means you'll be able to beat up your little dinky while she shutters in orgasm. Speaking of orgasms, Flash Brown just had a big one, and Nikki's little bald cunt is coated in jizz. Time to be a good little bitch boi and clean her up!!

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Nikki Delano

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Member Comments:

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    More scenes like this

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    fuck need more POV cuckolding scenes!

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    Where can I find bbc's for my gf?

  • Member Avatar


    I love being the virtual cuckold in scenes!

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    She's so fucking hot That body was made for BBC

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    Amazing scene! Nikki is fucking incredible!!!!!

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    You only film half of the girls bodies on this site, so why not charge half the money?! :) It would be nice to cum to a porn site and actually get the see the girls WHOLE body...especially when their wearing the sexy clothes that YOU GUYS HAVE THEM WEAR!!! more

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    My desire to eat that nut off her pussy is just too much to handle! So hot!

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    Her Dirty Talk made me cum so fast! But I still prefer the actual cuckold in there. Pov isn't for me.

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    I have a small white penis. I love jerking off to beautiful white girls giving black men the pussy!

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    next time you do a cuckold pov can you get the bbc to cum on her ass and she tells us cuckolds to eat it. I've always wanted to eat bbc cum off a white girls ass. I've come close to doing it in real life but the girl didn't let me. more

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    Please do more of this Cuckold Pov when you don't have a real cuck like Slave fluffy or jay wimp the using the we fuck black girls is cringeworthy and they are always way lower rated than when you do this more

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    I think humiliation of the viewer in Cuckold Sessions is especially stimulating. A guy doesn't have to have a small penis to enjoy the torrent of verbal abuse Nikki doles out to the viewer. I'm not small in any way but I find this type of erotica, as a change of pace, to be quite hot :-) more

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    Nikki Delano is always great, thanks for having her back. Many of my sperm have been sacrificed for her :)

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    Open that tight Puerto Rican ass baby...

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    So... I love the idea, love the POV aspect and hope to see more scenes shot like this from time to time. Also love Nikki and Flash and the combination but it ended way too soon and a bit oddly. But seriously, this could have been better in a couple of ways but none more so than the use of the word "white" when it came to Nikki talking to us (the WHITE cucks). She said it ONE TIME... :( I was so worried about that aspect after watching her on the gloryhole site where she said it ZERO times in a scene where she's humiliating a small, white penis. So when she said it early on in this scene I got very excited but then she literally never said it again. As always I'd like to point out that cuckolding is actually more about the femdom/female empowerment aspect of being a bbc slut and the accompanying mental and emotional humiliation of the beta white males who are married to or are dating these powerful, little, white vixens. As a white-boy I learned very early on that if black men "have bigger dicks" that means that us white-boys logically "have smaller dicks" and that's the entire draw of interracial. But with the cuckold fetish, we're just taking the next logical step in admitting our inferiority and supporting our white women's natural choices and giving the superior, BLACK man access to all the white pussy they want and paying just for the privilege of watching it happen. As well as what comes next is the realization that white girls think less of you obviously and how humiliating that is. We live in that realm of thought and want to hear these girls making fun of us for being smaller, weaker and therefore pathetic in contrast to a black man and his huge manhood... because we're white-boys. I'd just like the racial aspect of this fetish seen and heard more as it's all about the cuckolds being white in a black man's world, especially on a network based almost entirely on the BM/WF dynamic. I'm a white-boy with a typical sized white pecker and I'd like to hear that that's the reason these girls are all chasing big, BLACK cocks and not other white cocks like mine. There's a reason and we all know what it is... this of all places would be the place to hear it. Otherwise I loved this scene and hope to see more like it. Thanks! more

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    She's hot and sexy but shame no cuckold is there and no real racial humiliation

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    Push that BBC into your cheek, go wide eyed, and look at the camera. Snap some pics of this Billy Boi Then we will be happy! These pics are starting to blend and the lack of close up or facial emotion pics of these girls with the BBC is nonexistent. Head back and look at some Katie Thomas pics for ideas. Less of the black guy in the photos, more of the girls and the cocks. Now we have to sit through some amount of white guys being IN the gloryhole booths with the girls. This is going to be a long next couple of months for updates :( more


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