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Starring: Astrid Star, Isiah Maxwell, Jax Slayher

Tags:  Cuckold, Creampie, 2 on 1, Big Tits, Blonde, Cougars, MILF, Swallow, Tattoos, Shaved, First Time IR 

Movie description:

Astrid Star and her Hubby are one freaky couple! Get this: Hubby loves to watch strangers bang his wife, and with Hubby's help, Astrid scours the internet looking for dudes! They like the dudes to be well hung...and black! Only one problem: they've NEVER "scored" a Black Bull! However, things are about to change! While Astrid was on her "hunt", she came across a gym owned by not one -- but two "Bulls" -- who are personal trainers! When Astrid saw their pictures online, she almost came in her panties! So Astrid and Hubby set up a "consultation" meeting...which was nothing more than a way for Astrid to seduce them! At first the Bulls were skeptical, until Hubby pulled up Astrid's top to ask, "hey fellahs, do you like my wife's tits?" Because this was her very first time with black men, Astrid dropped to her knees immediately! Once the Bulls made it very clear to Hubby that were would be no "gay shit", the cuckold session was ON! Both Bulls took turns fucking beautiful, blonde Astrid all over the joint. They banged her on every piece of workout equipment before the first Bull dumped his jizz deep in Astrid's stretched-out cunt. She swallowed the second Bull's load, and then, while making fun of Hubby, she allowed him to finish. Astrid laughed hard, taunting Hubby about his "little white pee pee", until Hubby popped. Hubby's tiny load made Astrid laugh even more!! The Bulls now have a new customer, but Hubby won't be allowed to watch anymore "training sessions"...unless he pays even more!

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Astrid Star

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Member Comments:

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    wow Astrid is so hot!

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    Astrid is an absolutely stunning black cock ornament. More of her!

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    Amazing little bbc slut!!??

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    Astrid is incredible, she just oozes pure sexuality! bring her back for ALL OF YOUR SITES!

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    She looks incredible at 11:42, her body is so tight and what about that flat stomach !!!

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    Astrid + creampie = perfection

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    This is how a 2 on 1 scene should go particularly if there is no anal, Lots of attention on the blowjob, multiple blowjob angles

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    WOW, Astrid is AMAZING! I want to see more of her, shoot her daily! She is a perfect stunning girl!

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    I don't like on location sets. Keep it to couches and beds for cuckold scenes in my opinion. You can never see anything.

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    Si often ! Why white cuckholds who don't lick the cum ??? Th scene with Connor Kennedy was the most upseting and disappointing one . Je could cum , o.k , but make him swallow that black cum !!! more

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    2 things: 1. can't believe I forgot that in the bts Jax talks about real life cuckolding he's pursued about, as the director so astutely observes, like another Shane Diesel lol. 2. Astrid mentions no anal so now all I want to see is her DP'd... XD more

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    Astrid.. Woman you are amazing. What a gorgeous snowflake. And the white girl can suck some black cock. Throat and all.Wow. This was a wonderful cuckhold scene. My personal favorite was with Emily Austin and Rob Pipe. After Emily was rogered thoroughly by Rob's thick cock Ms Austin straddled the cuck's face and deposited Rob's cum into that sissy mouth. Astrid is a stunner. I hope to see more of this lovely girl. I have a feeling Astrid could handle 12 black bulls and still have that wonderful smile as she looks into the camera with those beautiful eyes.When you shoot that scene do not neglect that pussy.... More cream-pies please. more

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    If you haven't checked it out, the bts scene for this is fantastic. We find out this is Astrid's first IR scene but not her first BBC and that she used to cam too. I would pay good money to do a cam show with this woman so she could cuckold me too and laugh at my little, white pee-pee and tell me how much she prefers BBC. I hope she goes back to it but only on Dogfart Live lol. We also find out in the bts that this new cuck, Billy, isn't even into cuckolding personally but somehow knocks it out of the park playing that part. Check it out! more

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    Amazing creampie, that was so fucking hot I came as soon as I saw that pussy leaking!

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    Just like "Hubby" in this scene, I've also enjoyed watching other men fuck my wife, and as a bonus I'm bi-sexual and liked laying on my back under my wife watching my wife's pussy getting shafted and when the man is ready, having him cum in my mouth. My wife also enjoyed watching men fuck me in my mouth and ass like Astrid gets it but I've never been athletic enough to get into some of the positions she achieves or lucky enough to get fucked by two powerful, dominant black men. Great scene! more

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    HOLY SHIT!!! This is a near-perfect cuckold scene! Even though the cuckold is willing, he's the correct type of willing for this not to be a hot-wife scene: humiliating submissive willingness. What a fucking fantastic cuckold session! It took me over 24 hours and 5 whack offs to even make it through to the end! I'm in love with this cuckold session! It might even be my all-time favorite in the site's history! Astrid is not only a fucking stunner with amazingly cute, little princess feet but all the small, white penis humiliation she was able to show off put her, and the scene itself, over the top! THANK YOU, ASTRID! Every single time she made fun of hubby's little, white-boy cock I spurted my wimpy white-boy goo... I couldn't help it. She does it a lot too which is why it took me so many attempts at finishing the whole scene lol! Then the BBC studs start laughing... OMFG THANK YOU FOR THAT!!! That shit just puts me over the edge! I'm also in fucking awe of the fact that... (drum roll)... COCK SIZE COMPARISONS ARE BACK!!!!! Fuck yeah! It's been way too long, my old friend lol! Holy fucking hell was that hot! 2 BBCs and one little, white cucky pee-pee! Astrid, again, THANK YOU for comparing a white-boy's puny pecker to 2 superior BBCs for all to see!!! Millions of white-boys out here LOVE SEEING THAT!!! Jax is also getting better and better all the time at the cuckolding thing and at white-boy humiliation specifically. Thank you, Master Jax! Thanks also to Isiah for his phenomenal performance in this scene as well! Love the white-boy jokes and laughter and white couple domination by you both! And don't even get me started on how much I love this new cuckold you've started using... he's perfect! He whacks that puny, pink pecker the WHOLE TIME, which is exactly what I'd be pathetically doing in these situations. THAT is a white-boy's place in a cuckold relationship during a proper black stud encounter! Great job, new cuck! It doesn't hurt either that his cock is literally a clone of my own little, white nub. He even started to worship Astrid's pretty, little feet (but that was short-lived unfortunately). That ending was also spectacular and so perfectly on point for what us cucks want to see too, I mean talk about perfection... a black nut cream-pie, a black nut facial and then even MORE small, white penis humiliation and laughter from Astrid!!! I'm getting hard again just thinking about it! All the dialogue in this was amazing and it included a ton of things I've been clamoring for for years so, again, THANK YOU for this scene everyone! Please rinse and repeat this style of scene with the next hundred white girls LOL! I FUCKING LOVED IT!!! Dogfart, you are the true kings of all things interracial! This cements it for eternity! You've got a subscriber for life here! P.S. I'm literally going to watch this fucking thing again now, I got so hot writing this lol... more

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    What happened to the cuckolds licking up the cum? It is one of the best parts of this fetish to be honest...

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    What a lovely girl, and not over-loud like some performers, who kill the atmosphere with their shrieking ... I'd love to see her doing the whole range of Dogfart scenes with the biggest, beefiest cocks, and then some repeat appearances. more

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    Looks amazing with a BBC poking into her cheek, stretching that mouth wide while her eyes are wide with shock. Doing good work bringing those kind of stills back into pic sets, next step is to have the cuck kiss her cheek while the BBC is pushing into it! We saw it once before, so make it a staple! Also if these white cucks are going to cum into napkins or paper towels, the appropriate place obviously, be sure to show that item being destroyed, stepped on, or tossed. Other things you should bring back in stills, black guys cumming on the wedding ring and the cuck kissing it. Panties wrapped around BBC [this is more for Gloryhole] more


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